Big Project ME Awards


The flagship annual awards event that celebrates the leaders of the regional construction industry

Contractors are the backbone of the construction industry, bringing to reality the ideas and visions of a region that is determined to make its mark on the world stage.

The Big Project ME Awards recognises and rewards the work being carried out by these remarkable companies and individuals, recognising them for their continued excellence in a most challenging field.

This recognition is vital because it not only honours the hard work being carried out, but it also drives companies to push their boundaries and not rest on their laurels. The Big Project ME Awards covers a wide range of categories to ensure that all facets of the industry are recognised and acknowledge equally.

All award submissions are judged by an independent panel of judges, with years of experience in the GCC construction industry.

Attended by CEOs, Managing Directors and leading government figures, the Big Project ME Awards provide a significant opportunity for companies who are keen to showcase their abilities and put their message out to the right audience.

Also attracting hundreds of regional guests, including C-level executives, senior managers and other decision makers, the gala event also serves as an ideal networking opportunity for construction professionals.

The annual extravaganza is managed by the team behind the region’s number one construction focused publication – Big Project Middle East.

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