Access & Handling Summit


An expert briefing on best practice protocols for aerial working and the trend to automation in materials handling.

The powered access sector, an integral part of the construction landscape, is represented in this region by the biggest global manufacturers, rental groups and end users. Though the use of scaffolding is still greatly prevalent at job-sites in the Middle East, the bigger construction companies are spearheading the charge into safer and more efficient working with the use of aerial work platforms.

Regional governments, too, are urging the sector into adoption of work-at-height solutions that are more in tune with global best practices. A case in point is the Expo 2020 line of the Dubai Metro, where construction is underway with a heavy use of powered access equipment while scaffoldings are conspicuous by their absence.

The material handling sector is also a field where the Middle East has worldwide prominence.

As global and regional hubs of trade and logistics, several cities in the region already use some of the best and most advanced logistics solutions in terms of materials handling, port equipment and warehouse management. But more can still be done in this field, such as the increased adoption of automation technology in handling and moving materials.

At the Access and Handling Summit we will discuss key issues in the powered access and material handling sectors, bringing the best global and regional practices, solutions and equipment to delegates through presentations and panel discussions.

The Conference is also an ideal networking platform to meet with key industry figures and personalities, as well as decision makers.